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A Brief History... Empty A Brief History...

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Back in the old days, the world had one government, and consisted of humans and Pokemon. Kids would leave home at a tender age and follow the path of a pokemon trainer. Humans and Pokemon would work together, building and maintaining the peace and prosperity of their world. Life was simple back then.

Throughout the ages there were those with selfish desires who brought a touch of evil to the world, but nobody could have predicted the man who would change the world wasn't the nefarious Giovanni of Team Rocket, but one of the respected Pokemon Professors.

Like the other world-renown professors, Dr. Wenge sent generation after generation of wannabe Pokemon Masters out into the world to follow their dream. Through them, he conducted a series of experiments that he kept secret from the authorities, knowing that his ideas would be considered immoral, unethical, and dangerous. His ultimate goal, as was soon to be realised, was to combine humans and Pokemon into a race of super-beings known as 'gijinka".
Using an advanced cloning technique, trainers and their lead pokemon were deconstructed and reborn into one. The Pokemon was lost completely, with only it's DNA being transferred. The trainer was reborn with just enough of their memories transferred to restore their base personalities. Or, when it suited Dr Wenge, they were given a blank slate to work from. After all, it was much easier for the man to form an army of loyal slaves if they remembered nothing of their past lives or dreams.

More and more trainers and pokemon were combined to make gijinka, and before long, Wenge had a small but very powerful army with which to reach his true dream. At that time, the World Government still had no idea what Wenge was up to, but it quickly became apparent when Wenge went after the legendary Arceus.

The World Government, now allied with criminal organisations Team Rocket, Magma, and others went in search of Wenge himself, but found themselves unable to chase a man who was chasing his dream so tenaciously. Wenge's Army, as the gijinka had come to be known, proved to be powerful allies to their creator.

In the end, Wenge captured Arceus, and the two individuals disappeared from this world to be reborn as a new Gijinka. Wenge was reborn a living god.

Over time, a number of existing gijinka defected from Wenge's Army, proving that the new race was not entirely enslaved by their original creator. Despite this, the World Government saw any and all gijinka as an enemy and an abomination.
Giovanni of Team Rocket did not see eye-to-eye with his temporary allies on the matter, and defected from the alliance as well. He readily welcomed gijinka into his organisation, thus forming the rebellion, the Resistance - the Freedom Fighters.

With the World Government's alliance scattered, and opposing a living god, the war turned from a manhunt into a clash of superpowers.

The war rages on today, generations after it began, with many of the original gijinka now long gone. Others have lived inexplicably long lives, possibly as part of their transformation. The gijinka who defected started families of their own, perpetuating their breed. Wenge himself initiated a breeding program of conscriptants to keep his numbers strong. Although new gijinkas are no longer created, the ones that are born come into a wartorn world, and must make their own way.


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